Pound of Coffee

How many pots of coffee do you get from 1 pound of coffee?

Posted on: February 1, 2009

dudeinnorcal asked:

We currently have one of those large coffee pots in our office, so we get I’d say between 8-10 cups of coffee per pot. We currently have Peet’s French Roast (nasty) and we usually put about 3-4 scoops in the coffee filter which is a regular sized coffee filter (flat). I honestly have no idea how many pots we get out of each 1 pound bag because many people make coffee here in our office. How many pots would you say you’d get from 1 pound of ground coffee?


2 Responses to "How many pots of coffee do you get from 1 pound of coffee?"

I am guessing 12 or 15

Not sure of the exact size of your coffee pot, cups, or measuring spoon, however 40 oz of water will yeild approximately seven 6 oz cups of coffee. One half ounce of fresh ground coffee which is approximately 4 heaping tablespoons of coffee will give you a good tasting coffee (not too strong). You should get about 30 pots per pound of coffee. I’ve never heard of Peet’s coffee but if it’s that nasty tasting your office should consider some flavored coffees for a treat. Who wants to start the day on lousy tasting coffee!

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