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How much coffee do you put on your coffee maker?

Posted on: February 1, 2009

Party Animal asked:

I try making coffee, but it always taste like crap. How much coffee should I use on my coffee maker?


7 Responses to "How much coffee do you put on your coffee maker?"

1 teaspoon of coffee per mug of water works for me.

1 table spoon

I never DO put my coffee on TOP of the coffee MAKER PERHAPS thats why it is not strong enough..hahahaha…really 6 tsp.for twelve cups of water or extra coffee if YOU love it STRONGER…

I Live in Seattle….land of coffee snoots.
I grind my own beans.
I use automatic drip coffeemaker.
I do one heaping teaspoon per cup.
I just kinda eyeballin it.
Not debating whether teaspoon is heaping or well rounded.
I like my coffee on the stronger side so if I making ten cups I might throw in a bit more. Couple of skimpier teaspoons .
Better to brew it a bit strong.

Well the way I do it is to take the number of cups you are making and divide by two. 4 cups of water = 2 scoops of coffee. 6 cups of water =3 scoops… etc etc etc

I use one level teaspoon for every two cuts of water and one for the pot. So if I am making 8 cups of coffee I use 4 plus 1 for 5 level teaspoons. I generally fill the pot to the top and use 7 level teaspoons of coffee. I use a drip coffee pot. I don’t like my coffee real strong but I don’t want it weak either. Hope this helps.

Use two tablespoons of ground coffee per six ounces of water. If you use less coffee or more water then you get a weak, bitter-tasting drink because you’re leeching tannins out of the coffee beans. Alton Brown has a good guide to coffee brewing at

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